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Physical Therapy: Office Evaluation

What do I need to take with me to my first appointment?
1. Insurance card
2. Photo identification
3. Physical Therapy Prescription

What will happen during my first appointment?
Once you have checked in with our front office staff, your therapist will call you back to a private area to begin the evaluation. Your therapist will begin the evaluation by asking you for information about your condition. When the therapist has gathered the information he/she needs, a physical examination will be performed to help the therapist better determine the source or cause of your symptoms. If applicable, the therapist will also take measurements of such things as range of motion or strength, which can be continually reassessed throughout the course of your treatment. This allows the therapist to track your progress.

Time permitting; treatment for your condition will also be administered as appropriate. If applicable, you will be taught some exercises that you can continue to perform at home to help manage your condition between your appointments.

Before you leave, you will likely stop by the front office again to set up additional appointments as determined by your therapist and physician.

What should I wear for my first appointment?
• Generally, it is a good idea to wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If the condition for which you are being treated involves a specific region of the body, it is preferred that that area be as accessible as possible.
• Please also plan to wear appropriate footwear as well. Athletic shoes work the best for using much of the exercise equipment in our therapy gym.
• We do have private areas in which you can change in and out of your therapy clothing if you are going to/coming from work, etc.