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Massage: Maintain your health

Since opening his practices nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Joseph Clements and his staff have had the opportunity and pleasure watching their patients grow into better health.  The staff at Advanced Physical Therapy and Chiropractic likes to continuously educate their patients about the 10 consistent habits that keep wellness a part of anyone’s lifestyle whether they are Chiropractic or Physical Therapy patients.

10 Steps Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. You first must want to be healthier and willing to put more energy and time into getting healthy!
  2. You need to find a coach to help you with this. As your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist, we can help serve as your wellness coach, since we go beyond providing chiropractic care and Physical therapy to provide education and guidance in exercise, stress reduction.
  3. You must move! The body is designed for movement. You must get walking, swimming, or involved in some cardiovascular exercise at least 3 and preferably 5-6 times per week. You cannot hold your adjustments and other health changes without keeping exercise in the body.
  4. You must change your nutrition. Eat to live. Do not live to eat. You can splurge on occasion, but daily eating must be improved. Choose organic foods. Eat lean meats. Eliminate fast food. Reduce sugar and eat more live, lean foods.  The day-to-day eating in our lives must be improved. Learn to eat more Organic in choices. From your garden or from great organic sources like Whole Foods Markets.
  5. You must greatly reduce or eliminate all drugs or medications in your life.  Prescription drugs are one of the biggest culprits in slowing down our body’s natural ability to heal and thrive toward wellness. If you are on multiple medications, how can you expect to be well? You can’t. Short-term use of prescription drugs in crisis or emergency care is a great benefit, but long-term use will destroy your body’s natural balance toward wellness. The facts speak for themselves. Our nation is one of the sickest nations in the world, yet has the most sophisticated medical system. Our nation’s medical system thrives on keeping you sick, so take control now and begin to gradually (and safely) reduce your need for long-term prescription drugs.
  6.  Reduce stress and live your life. If you do not have regular, fun and loving time each week for your family, hobbies, sports and for yourself, your body will start to break down. For stress relieving ideas ask Dr. Joe!
  7. Take nutritional supplements to support wellness and keep toxins out of your body. By now, most of you take Body Balance Whole Food Liquid supplement. But don’t be fooled into supplements filled with fillers and additives and at best are just a good antioxidant juice.  Read the labels. Notice that Body Balance has 121 nutrients, including all vitamins, trace elements and all the minerals you need to complete your diet and get what you need to stay healthy.
  8. Create health and fitness goals for you and your family.   As we plan for vacations and summertime fun, we need to plan for our fitness and health adventures. Family walks, rides, swimming adventures, etc. Make it fun!
  9. Spend more time around healthy and fitness oriented people. If you are around the group that is always looking for the next Restaurant to feast at, it will be hard to stay healthy. Your daily influence of the people around you is critical.
  10. Relax! Congratulate yourself. If you are doing even one thing on this list, you are doing more than the average American who is wondering why his health is failing. If you are doing 3 or more on this list of 10, then you are on your way to wellness. If you are actively involved in 6 or more on this list, you are already there! Wellness is your life! Keep it up!