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Chiropractic: Office Evaluation

What Can I Expect on the First Visit?

Chiropractic care is divided into two parts: spinal analysis and spinal adjustment (or correction).

First, at Advanced Physical Therapy and Chiropractic, we will analyze your spine using various tools: our hands, heat-reading devices, muscle testing and/or other tools to determine where there is a subluxation in your spine. When we have located the precise area of our subluxation, we will then do a procedure to correct or eliminate the subluxation. This is the second part of your care and it is called a chiropractic spinal adjustment. It is a gentle realignment of your spinal column, a rebalancing of your body and a release of deep stress.

Chiropractors spend many years and thousands of hours learning and perfecting various spinal adjusting procedures and we'd be happy to answer your questions about how we do what we do.