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Chiropractic: About

Chiropractic treats the following conditions:

Home Injuries Work-Related Injuries Auto Injuries
Sports Injuries Neck Pain Low Back Pain
Shoulder Pain Carpel Tunnel Leg & Arm Pain
Foot Pain Scoliosis Sciatica
Numbness Non-Surgical Disc Treatments Headaches
What Chiropractors do:
  • Analyze your body for subluxations (nerve stress), distortions that affect your brain, spinal cord, internal organs and overall health. See the attached PDF document that describes and demonstrates what and where subluxations occur in the spinal area.
  • Chiropractors give you and adjustment. We have added a PDF file of commonly used Chiropractic terms in everyday language.
What subluxations do:
  • Cause dis-ease and pain and accelerate aging.
  • Affect internal organs, glands, muscles, joints and stress.
  • Stress your brain and meninges (brain and spinal cord coverings).
  • Decrease height, drain energy, and lower resistance to disease.
What adjustments do:
  • Remove or reduce subluxations (nerve stress).
  • Improve the connection between your inner healing ability, nervous system and body.
  • Enhance energy, resistance to disease and physical and emotional well-being.